Hentai2R has been updated to Patch 2.1.1. For this patch, we are making some improvement to Infinite Reading Mode.

Below you will find a list of new features, changes and whatever else is included in Patch 2.1.1.


  • Infinite Reading Mode
    • improve the reliability and fix some minor issues

  • Auto Scrolling
    • this feature is for Infinite Reading mode, when enabled the browser window will scroll to the bottom automatically at a constant speed. You can start, stop or speed up the scrolling by clicking on the button on the bottom-right.
    • This feature is in BETA, so it might not work on all browsers. Please report to us if you have trouble activiating this feature.
    • Please check the faqs for how to enable Infinite Reading mode and Auto-scrolling.

  • Exclude Manga Reader page from Popunder

If you have question or any feedback, please send us an email to contact@imanga.us


Hentai2R Team